Cuqui Jerez
Dirección e interpretación: Cuqui Jérez
Asistente artístico: Juan Domínguez
Producción: Mugatxoan, Arteleku Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia; In situ productions con el apoyo de TanzWerkstatt Berlin; Podewil, Berlín; Senat fur Wissenschaft, Forschung Und Kultur, Berlín
Lugar estreno: 17 de febrero.Tanz Raum, Erlangen, Alemania
17 de septiembre 2021
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A Space Odyssey 1

This piece arises from my interest in visual references and models stored in our mind for the recognition of new images. The restructuring of these references through their own de-structuring. I’m working on this restructuring at spatial and context levels. Spaces constructed in real spaces where the spatial laws and frames of reference and context are somehow inverted, manipulated, disturbed or distorted by the own nature of the space. The creation of structures keeping the idea of necessity between the new space and the real one to be able to recognise a new structure, which needs both of them for its construction and existence. The distortion of the order of reality through unreality. This process leads me to a state of disturbance through perception. I’m exploring this particular moment of the process of recognition and understanding of an image when we perceive it without having visual or context references of it, or without finding them immediately. I’m looking for this time of disturbance, confusion, slowness and speed, difficulty and pleasure, loss and search, a very active state for the mind in which we just try to find where, what, who, how, when, the moment right before recognition, when reality is not yet in the right place.

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