Joanna Zielinska (ed.)
30 de noviembre 2022
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Performing Collections

ISBN 978-91-527-1341-9

In recent decades, the visual arts have witnessed an unprecedented development of performative practices. This has brought about both a heated academic and institutional debate about the notion of performance and the phenomenon of performativity – in relation both to ways of presenting performance in the exhibition space and to the problem of creating museum collections made up of performance works. This publication gathers the results of the many years of research work of the collection curators and performance scholars associated with the museum confederation L’Internationale aiming to address the following question: why museums should collect performance?

The issue of how to collect performance is at the heart of this publication, organized in three parts: essays on the subject, case studies and a glossary.

Contributors: Amira Akbıyıkoğlu, Persis Bekkering, Lotte Bode, Zofia Czartoryska, Clémentine Deliss, Lola Hinojosa, Chantal Kleinmeulman, Bojana Kunst, Myriam Rubio José A. Sánchez, Claudia Segura, Igor Španjol, and Joanna Zielińska.

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  1. Table of contents
  2. «Performing Collections» by Joanna Zielińska
  3. «What Does It Mean to Have Performance in the Collection?» by Joanna Zielińska & Bojana Kunst
  4. «Collecting Dance» by Lola Hinojosa & La Ribot
  5. «Enigmatic Debris» by Clémentine Deliss
  6. «Archiving Live Performance Art: The Case of Otobong Nkanga» by Lotte Bode
  7. “Some Things Last a Long Time: The Case of the ‘Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue’ by Joanna Rajkowska from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw” by Zofia Czartoryska
  8. «Transfer of Responsibility and Knowledge» by Chantal Kleinmeulman
  9. “How to Describe What a Mirror Looks Like? On Pacquée’s ‘Madame’ and ‘It’” by Persis Bekkering
  10. «(Dis)Appearing Without a Trace: A Case Study of María Teresa Hincapié» by Claudia Segura
  11. «What a Museum Can (Not) Do: Performing Collective Methodologies with ‘Circo Interior Bruto’” by Myriam Rubio
  12. «Variation on ‘The Unaccounted: A Triptych’ by Mapa Teatro» by José A. Sánchez
  13. «Fragments of a Co-op Festival» by Amira Akbıyıkoğlu
  14. «OHO – Between the Magic of Digitisation and Financial Literacy» by Igor Španjol

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