Lotte van den Berg
Lugar estreno: Utrecht
27 de octubre 2021
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Gerucht (Rumour)

«The most beautiful theatre is out in the streets. This is what Lotte van den Berg shows us through de performance Rumour. The audience sits in a soundproof box on a square in Utrecht and looks out on the city in movement. Four actors lose themselves amongst the passers-by. To the people on the square they are merely other passers-by, but the audience follows their movements. Occasionally rumour from the outside will filter through: a telephone conversation, a heart beating. In this peculiar way, Lotte van den Berg tries to show us that the people we pass everyday, without giving them a second thought, share our same feelings and desires. That they are in love or lonely, that they want to be touched. The bustling city is different every day and so is Rumour. The only thing that remains the same, is the fact that the unsuspecting passers-by play the best parts. And thanks to this stunning performance their anonymity is briefly interrupted.» (Robbert van Heuven, De Pers, 21 May 2007)

(Texto de la página web de Lotte van den Berg.)



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